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Thirty Florida Shipwrecks

By Kevin McCarthy Paintings by William L. Totter

Covers thirty of the most interesting shipwrecks- from young Fontaneda, who was wrecked in 1545 and held captive by Indians for 17 years, to the Coast Guard cutter Bibb, which was sunk off Key Largo in 1987 to create an artificial reef and diving site. The Atocha, flagship of a Spanish treasure fleet, sank in a hurricane in September 1622 and was found along with $100 million in gold and silver, by Mel Fisher in July 1985. Each shipwreck story has a map showing its location and is illustrated by a full color painting by renowned artist William L. Trotter. An extensive bibliography and a foreword are provided by Florida state underwater archaeologist Roger Smith. 128 pps 20 color paintings

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